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The Mouse [userpic]

Karasu Pamphlet Translation, Part I

April 26th, 2009 (10:19 am)

Slow going on the pamphlet, and I haven't had much time this week, but I thought I'd at least post the completed "cast of characters" translation, so here it is. :D

Corps Number Seven, Sendai-han Crow Group (Ballistic Corps)

Hosoya “Juudayuu” Naohide
(Suzuki Hiroki)

A Sendai feudal warlord fighting the government forces, formed the Crow Group. Dreams of building an independent state as a result of the Northern Alliance [1].

Inui Shinnosuke
(Nakamura Masaya)

His pride as a samurai is high; displeased about having to fight alongside people of a lower social rank.

(Yanagi Koutarou)

A prodigy who joined the group; his sharpshooting skills with a gun are valued. A hunter from Zaou.

Hunter (Matagi)[2]

(Igarashi Shunji)

A yakuza from Ootahara. An optimistic mood-maker. Would rather fight and gamble than eat.


(The pamphlet lays this information out like a chart, so in between Goro and Torakichi, it relays that the two of them met at a gambling hall.)

(Adachi Osamu)

A woodsman from Kooriyama whose best friend is an axe he calls “Dragon.” Enlisted for the sake of his sick mother.


Hotta Hanbei
(Yamada Yuusuke)

A former feudal lord from Yamagata who became a lordless samurai following a certain incident. A straight-laced and serious character.

Rogue samurai (mountain bandit)

(Ryuu and Hotta met in the woods.)

(Yanagishita Tomo)

The oldest son of a family of peasants from a poor village. Determined to become a samurai in order to support his parentless and very young brother and sister.

(Takahashi Ryuuki)

Taichi’s younger brother. Half-hearted about becoming a samurai, but follows his brother and enlists in the Crow Group.


(Taichi and Souji are brothers.)

(And then, the Western Forces they're fighting against...)

Choushuu-han Commando Corps

Commando Corps Twelfth Rifle Corps Captain
Ootake Shuuzou
(Kaji Masaki)

Skilled assistant instructor of the Shindo Munen Ryu [3], which he’s studied since childhood. Holds complicated thoughts on the demise of the world of the samurai.

Hisaga Gen
(Hashimoto Taito)

Along with his beloved commanding officer, Ootake, pushes onward to see the dawn of a new age.

(Not sure about the romanizations of those last two characters' names, so anyone who saw the show, correct me if you remember the real pronunciation!)

[1] Read about it here. :D
[2] Matagi: a specific kind of old-fashioned hunting community common in the period.
[3] One of the schools/philosophies of Japanese swordsmanship.

Anyway, more to come as I complete more, which will probably take me a long time, unfortunately. But it should get easier once I'm out of the introductory material, which has a lot of military words that I have to research and stuff. ^_~