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The Mouse [userpic]

Karasu Pamphlet Translation, Part II

April 26th, 2009 (08:53 pm)

Interesting how paragraphs are easier to translate than brief character bios...well, anyway.

Part I - Character Info

In the fourth year of the Keiou era [1], many black birds swooped down upon the northern lands, on which the waves of the Meiji Restoration were descending. These people were a group of men who fought to the end against the new age for the sake of the families they loved, and for their own futures. A black army with its names buried in the darkness of history. These men, who loved their comrades better than anyone, who loved their native Touhoku, were the Sendai-han Ballistics Corps. Commonly called…the Karasu-gumi [2].

The time is the Bakumatsu period, about one hundred and forty years ago. When the American fleet led by Commodore Perry appeared in the waters near Uraga after Japan’s two hundred and fifty-year policy of isolation, Japan fell into chaos. Taking advantage of this situation, the Satsuma and Choushuu areas formed an alliance, and spurred the movement to crush the Tokugawa Shogunate and build a new Japan. They could corner the Tokugawas and restore imperial rule. However, the samurai who did not consent to this gathered their troops in the north-east regions and opposed the new government. Before long, a civil war began that divided Japan between east and west: the advancing western forces, and the eastern army meeting them. Surrounding this revolution called the Meiji Restoration, each and every sense of justice and faith clash.

This story, on top of being world history, is about an extremely smart, modern revolution that paints an unknown side of the greatly admired Meiji Restoration, another history of Japan. This is the story of a group of young men in the north-country Touhoku region who, to the end, pursued an impossible dream and continued to fight to protect their homeland: a youthful story of love and friendship.

[1] 1865-1868
[2] Karasu means "crow" or "raven." Gumi literally means "group." It sounds better to say "Karasu-gumi" than "Crow Group," so that's what I'm a-gonna do. :P